People within the organization want to be cared for by the organization to have a good quality of life. The motivation to make determined effort, be persistent for the organization and is an important mechanism to drive the organization to succeed. Therefore, company activities are another tool that helps to build relationships with people in the organization, which is very good for the organization.

   Hapac-Lloyd (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provide guidance on "SPECIAL CONTAINER"

   Safety training course on the use of reach stacker vehicles at the meeting room on the 2nd floor of Greating Fortune Container Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

   First Aid CPR & AED First Aid Course on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

  Photos of the atmosphere of Cultivate a public mind Organize luncheon activities for children with mental and intellectual disabilities at the Disability Protection and Development Center, Ratchaburi Province (Department of empowerment of Persons with Disabilities).

   Coral planting activities conservation of coral artificial coral planting volunteer activities Volunteer project, CSR activities, coral planting. Create awareness among people in the organization love and cherish the environment Activities to give back to society.

   Our company also attaches great importance to environmental conservation and can effectively manage risks affecting the environment including environmental campaigns in the workplace.
    New Year's Celebrations 2020
    Firefighting training and annual fire evacuation drills international standard course, Year 2021

    DPU Thai-China Open Campus Job Fair 2022 (The DPU Thai-China Open Campus Job Fair 2022 was held on Friday 13 May 2022 at Building 4, 1st floor, Dhurakij Pundit University.)

   Spraying disinfectant at work : Disinfection spraying Standardized procedures to kill workplace germs safely from viruses make you work with greater peace of mind. With an effective antiseptic. Covid-19 disinfection is possible.

   Health Check-up of Employees of Greating Fortune Container Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for the year 2022.

   Organize raffle activities, one of the main events for Christmas and New Year is gift picking. which the gift raffle will Create a working atmosphere and also allow employees to exchange conversations or become closer to each other, whether new employees who have just applied for a job. Or employees who worked previously and made them know each other better.
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